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Forward Calorimeter One
Module Zero
[FCAL1 Mod 0]

The Forward Calorimeter One Module Zero [FCAL1 Mod 0] is one quarter of a full FCAL1 module. FCAL1 Mod 0 is constructed of 18 copper matrix plates with 2,350 electrodes. An electrode is a copper tube inserted into a hole in the matrix, through which electrical contact with the matrix is maintained. The tube is then "stuffed" with a copper rod wrapped in nylon fiber. The fiber prevents the rod from contacting the tube, and maintains the .250 mm gap between the rod and the tube. The gap will be filled with liquid argon, which is the active agent in the calorimeter. Any conductive particulate in the gap between the rod and the tube jeopardizes the electrode and can cause a short. Great care is taken throughout the construction process to prevent such happenings.

The construction crew included Leif Shaver, Deb Koolbeck, Peter Loch, Mike Shupe, Teresa Embry, Jason Seely, and Chris Goldman.

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