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Sep 14-17, 2010
ATLAS Hadronic Calibration Workshop
ATLAS members only!
(INFN & University of Pisa, Pisa, Italy)

Aug 24-27, 2010
US ATLAS Hadronic Final State Forum
Workshop for ATLAS members only!
(SLAC, Palo Alto, California, USA)

Aug 23, 2010
Hadronic Final State at LHC
Public Joint Experiment-Theory LHC Overview Session at the US ATLAS Hadronic Final State Forum
(SLAC, Palo Alto, California, USA)

Aug 16-20, 2010
ATLAS Missing ET Software Working Meeting
ATLAS members only!
(University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona, USA)

Jun 22-25, 2010
Workshop on New Physics Signatures in Highly Boosted Objects
U of Oxford
(University of Oxford, Oxford, UK)

Jan 28-
Apr 22, 2010
Hadronic Final State Reconstruction at LHC
Lecture Series
(University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona, USA)

Jan 10-15, 2010
Jets and Jet Substructure at LHC
Joint Theoretical-Experimental Workshop
(University of Washington, Seattle, Washington, USA)
Radial energy smearing software:
Code archive GZIP code archive
Slides with instructions MS Powerpoint 1997-2003 file   PDF file

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Affiliation Assistant (1995-2006) and Associated (since 2006) Research Scientist, Experimental High Energy Physics Group at the Physics Department, University of Arizona at Tucson, Arizona, USA
Research Interests As a longstanding member of the ATLAS experiment at CERN, Geneva, Switzerland, I am mainly interested in all aspects of the hadronic final state reconstruction in the proton-proton collisions at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), now under commissioning. The present focus is on particle jet reconstruction with the ATLAS calorimeters, including physics aspects of jet finding and jet energy scale calibration. My physics goal for initial collision data, now expected to be taken starting November 2009, is to measure important Standard Model QCD cross-sections like for inclusive jet and prompt photon production, and to understand the experimental sensitivities to features of the underlying event and the multi-proton collision ("pile-up") environment at LHC. In addition, I am working on improvements of the missing transverse energy (EtMiss) reconstruction in ATLAS.
Selected Professional Responsibilities ATLAS Jet and EtMiss Reconstruction Co-coordinator (2004-2008);
US ATLAS Project Software Manager (2009-)
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[2009] PowerPoint  PDF Jets In ATLAS
Invited seminar at the USCMS LPC, Fermi National Laboratory (FNAL), Batavia, Illinois, August 27, 2009
49 slides + 14 backup (45')
  PowerPoint  PDF Introduction to Jet & Missing Transverse Energy Reconstruction at LHC
Invited lecture given at the Helmholtz Alliance "Physics at the Terascale" School on Detector Understanding with First LHC Data, DESY, Hamburg, Germany, June 30, 2009
100 slides + 13 backup (90')
  PowerPoint  PDF Introduction to Jet & Missing Transverse Energy Reconstruction in ATLAS
Introductory talk given at the 5thATLAS Hadronic Calibration Workshop, Foz do Arelho, Portugal (111 slides, June 23, 2009)
111 slides (90')
  [more soon]
[2009] Link to SPIRES PDF The status and physics potential of the LHC
P. Loch, in Proceedings of the XIII Mexican School of Particles and Fields, AIP Conf. Proc. 1116 (2009) p.57-68.
  Link to SPIRES PDF Expected performance of the ATLAS Experiment - Detector, Trigger and Physics
ATLAS Coll., G. Aad et al., arXiv:0901.0512 [hep-ex] (2009) 1852pp.
[2008] Link to SPIRES PDF The ATLAS Experiment at the CERN Large Hadron Collider
ATLAS Coll., G. Aad et al., JINST 3:P02002 (2008) 437pp.
  Link to SPIRES PDF Jets in hadron-hadron collisions
S.D. Ellis, J. Huston, K. Hatakeyama, P. Loch, and M. Tönnesmann, Prog.Part.Nucl.Phys.60 (2008) p.484-551.
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[2010] WebPage Hadronic Final State Reconstruction at LHC
Lecture series first given to graduate students and interested faculty at the Department of Physics, University of Arizona, during the Spring 2010 semester (January 28 - April 22, 2010)
˜360 slides (14 lectures, 45'-60' each)
This lecture series was originally designed to help graduate students interested in jet reconstruction, the main focus of my first attempt on this educational endeavour, learning the basics of the discussed subjects in general and specifically accelerating their integration into the related physics and performance studies for the ATLAS experiment. The potentially interested audience meanwhile extended not only to more senior colleagues from the experiments but also to colleagues from theory and phenomenology who found it useful to attend the lectures. I am planning on maintaining and updating the material in case of new experimental or theoretical insight into jet reconstruction, and I am also planning on extensions including missing transverse energy reconstruction.
Radial energy smearing software
[Code] GZIP code archive
A small software package smearing particle energy radially with respect to the direction of flight, thus simulating the energy spread introduced by electromagnetic and hadronic showers in calorimeters. Detector envelopes and shower sizes can be set up by the client. The default is an ATLAS-like setup with Gaussian radial profiles. Improvements can include more realstic exponentially falling profiles with core and margin slopes, and a better treatment in the transition between electromagnetic and hadronic calorimeters. The software uses the FastJet event data model and standard C++ headers. No warranty whatsoever when using this code!
[Docs] MS Powerpoint 1997-2003 file   PDF file

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