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The LHC is nearing the end of shutdown (LS2) that will last until spring 2022. Both the LHC (injectors) and ATLAS experiment are undergoing upgrades in preparation for higher luminosity runnning. Both New Small Wheels (NSW) are now installed in ATLAS. Arizona contributed to this project by designing, building, and testing 2M channels of front-end electronics for the Micromegas detectors on the NSW. Pilot beams were circulated in the LHC in October, 2021. We are beginning to work on performance studies of the NSW in ATLAS. My group is using the full Run 2 dataset to search for long-lived particles decaying in the Muon Spectrometer and to re-interpret the recent four-top quark production cross section results in terms of the Two-Higgs-Doublet Model. Covid restrictions and the EOY closure will prevent travel to CERN until 2022.

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Updated November 3, 2021

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