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The LHC is currently producing pp collisions at s = 13 TeV (click LHC Status under ATLAS links). The machine is running extremely well with 25 fb-1 of data recorded and peak luminosity above 1 x 1034 cm-2 s-1. Most physics analyses, including ours, are busy comparing data to expectations for the large 2016 data set. There will be Micromegas test beam running at the SPS in October and November and I hope we can test our MMFE-8 front-end electronics with production Micromegas modules at that time. There are also several LAr DPS integration tests using the US-built Carrier Cards and French-built AMC Cards at the CERN EMF facility planned for this fall. The FPGA firmware that we are developing for both boards will be utilized and tested there. See the most recent Top-AntiTop Resonance Search and Vector-like Quark Search conference results at 13 TeV below.

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