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This is the assembly home page for the production of the Fcal 1 module. This page will be an overview of the various components associated with the constuction/assembly of the Forward Calorimeter 1 at the University of Arizona. This page will be continually updated and under construction as we move through the production process. Before we can assemble the component parts (see Fcal 1 Homepage for details on the component parts), we must have a location.


Production of the Fcal 1 will take place in the Physics and Atmospheric Sciences Building on the University of Arizona's main campus. The Experimental Elementary Particle Physics (EEPP) Group has offices and other laboratories in this building. The "High Bay Area", room 180, on the first floor of the north wing has been devoted to the production of the Fcal 1 modules.

[PAS Building!]
Physics and Atmospheric Sciences Building







Lab Area

Here is the "High Bay Area" (room 180) where the majority of the Fcal production tasks will be done.

[High Bay Area!]
Lab 180, High Bay Area


The module will be assembled in a class 100 cleanroom which has been constructed in the high bay laboratory. One wall of the cleanroom has a common window with the office area (180A)of the laboratory, this allows visibility into the cleanroom throughout production. In the right-hand side of the top picture youcan see the filtering portion of an electronics clean bench. This bench was retrofitted to comprise a portion of the wall for the cleanroom as well as supply filtered air. The bench supplies "hepa" filtration for the primary air supply. A second "hepa" air filtration system is installed above the primary supply. The two systems help maintain a positive pressure and the required air flow to keep particlulate count within acceptable limits.

[Cleanroom during construction!]
Cleanroom being constructed
[Completed Cleanroom!]
Completed Cleanroom with Mod 0 inside

Cleaning Station

Here is where the tubes and rods for the Fcal 1 will be cleaned. Each steel tank has a submersable ultrasonic transducer inside. The tubes will be soaked overnight in acetone to remove any residual drawing compound. Then 145 tubes will be rinsed and loaded in a cleaning matrix and placed into the first steel tank which is filled with a 5% LPS solution. The tubes will be subjected to ultrasonic cleaning in this tank for 10 minutes then removed to the next poly tank for rinsing in filtered, de-ionized water. The next tank contains the 2% citranox solution followed by a two-stage rinsing process. From the cleaning station the tubes will remain in the cleaning matrix through the drying and cleanliness testing processes and finally they will be bagged and stored on shelves in the cleanroom.

[Cleaning Station!]
Tube and Rod Cleaning Station
[Cleaning Matrix!]
Cleaning Matrices

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