done by Max Shkarayev

first 11 pins:

  1. had one stick-like piece of copper, the rest was covered with little pieces right on the edge of barbs.
  2. Had no visible dust
  3. One stick-like piece. Some small pieces (these are very small) mainly along the edge (near the hollow part)
  4. A small chunk of metal on the edge and some pieces (very small, barely visible almost dust-like) in the corners of the barbs.
  5. This one has a lot of small pieces dispersed over the barbs. One chunk on the edge.
  6. Has one stick-like piece, chunk of copper on its very end and some dust. Once again, has more stuff closer to the corners.
  7. Almost nothing. The spikes look smashed up.
  8. This one has three big chunks and one stick. A lot of dusty stuff under the barbs.
  9. This one looks pretty clear except for some small dusty pieces here and there.
  10. Note: I just realized that sometimes the stuffed corners (the part under the barb) look very much the same as if the barbs were just deformed (so I would expect these two to be used interchangeably, that is sometimes what I think is a smashed barb may just be a very stuffed corner and vise versa)

  11. This one has dramatically more stick-like pieces, I counted about six of them.
  12. This one has the biggest chunk I have seen so far. Plus one more chunk, not as big. Otherwise fairly clean.

Second (bigger) pile:

  1. one stick, one chunk lots of dust.
  2. One side clean, the other is pretty smashed up so it has a lot of dust over it.
  3. One small chunk and quite a bit of thick dust (that is thicker then usual)
  4. Had two small sticks at places where the barbs were smashed.
  5. Almost nothing except at one place where it was a little smashed
  6. Just like the previous pin
  7. Has some stuff on the edge and side opposite to it (that is right behind it)
  8. Has a few of hair like pieces (that is spikes only very thin). Some dust
  9. Has a little smash, so there is dusty stuff around it. Unlike many others, it had very clean corners.
  10. Has one rather big chunk, a smaller piece some other place, and lots of dust
  11. Has a little bit of dust. Looks cleaner then others
  12. Has thick dust dispersed all over it. One stick and a very big chunk
  13. One side very clean. The other one was smashed so it had some big dust pieces
  14. Has some chunks and big dusty pieces. Around the edge, but otherwise clean
  15. one of the barbs was dented at one place with dust surrounding it. Has very little of very fine dust at some other places.
  16. Barbs looked smashed pretty much all around, so they have lots of dust on.
  17. Has stick under on of the barbs. A small chunk and in places a lot of dust.
  18. One side was smashed and so it has lots of thick dust (at that place). Has fine dust all over
  19. This one had very big stick under one of the barbs (those lie there like dirt under finger nails). A smaller stick and lots of thick dust.
  20. Average stick under one of barbs and dust around it. Some dust in the corners.
  21. One side fine dust. The other was smashed so it has stick under one barb and thick dust around it
  22. Two sticks (larger then average). Stuffed corners. Thick dust all over.
  23. The lowest spike has a lot of thick dust under it, while others had some fine dust on it
  24. Thick stick. Same side was smashed so had some small chunks. The other side had some dust
  25. On one edge it had lots of chunks. The other side only had some dust.
  26. On one of the edges there is lots of thick dust and two sticks under barbs. The border of the other edge looks pretty smashed too, but it only has dust on the very edge.
  27. At one place there was thick dust. Otherwise some dust dispersed throughout.
  28. There was stuff in the corners (like thick dust) and was smashed so it had some dust around that.
  29. Has some dust in the corners and the opposite side was smashed so there is some thick dust there.
  30. One of the two edges had thick stick under the upper barb. Hair- looking piece and some thick dust in that area. The rest is clean.
  31. This is the worst case so far. One side was very well smashed so it has very thick spikes all over. The other side however is very clean.
  32. Both edges are stuffed with thick dust and also there are couple of chunks around them
  33. Has some dust pretty much all over but nothing major
  34. Very similar to 33, only at one place there was a small stick under one of barbs
  35. This looks very clean, except for one place where there is some dust.
  36. This one has a lot of small sticks and thick dust all around the body.
  37. One side is very clean, the other one (next to the edge) has lots of thick dust, it was a little smashed
  38. This one is fairly clean (it has some fine dust on it), except for a chunk in one of the corners and a huge smash
  39. Almost identical to 38. It also has a big smash and few dusty pieces.


Fine dust


Thick dust


Big chunk sticks

Thick sticks

Another thing I noticed was that the pins that still had the "disks" on them, i.e. ones where it was hard to take those disks off, those usually were more smashed and mainly were the ones covered with big sticks.

Also I could detect no cracks.