Public outreach by the University of Arizona Experimental High Energy group!

Working diorama of a new particle search:
Z' (white) ⇒ diTop (reds) ⇒ "Semileptonic Channel" (rest)


For the March 2012 public outreach, we decided to try a (short) introductory talk followed by a "buffet" of experimental particle physics activities in two rooms and the outer hallway. The estimated attendance was 81 people attending the full presentation while at least 20 people interacted with the hallway presenters without attending the full show.

  • Room 1: Activities describing the LHC
    • Introductory talk with invitation to questions.

    • Room 2: Activities describing the ATLAS experiment

    • Outer Hallway: Activites describing the specific UA contributions to experimental high energy physics, and also fun hands-on general physics activities (but still related to experimental high energy research) to attract people walking through the building.
      • Table 1: UA HEP Physics Day Handout: 2012.03.10 and Introductory poster.
      • Table 2: Forward calorimeter prototype with information and undergrad Sam Silva presenting his research.
      • Tables 3 and 4: Grad students Matt Leone, Caleb Lampen, and Huanian Zhang presenting:
        • Relating nuclear physics to particle physics with info.
        • Homemade diffusion chamber with info.
        • Falling magnets through pipes (and other) to visualize and relate Faraday's Law to ATLAS' superconducting electromagnets with info.
        • Free gifts for children.
        • Working diorama of Z'->Ditop semileptonic channel with info.





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